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Lynette – 2016
Dear Janice, I am very grateful for your assistance with my IELTS test. The test results has been sent to me yesterday when I arrived home. I’ve got a overall 7.5 in the IELTS, which includes Listening(8.5), Reading(7.5), Writing(6.5), Speaking(7.0).It is a pretty good mark of a two-week preparation.
I really appreciate your taking the time to give me so much idividual attention, and your honesty, care and passion has left an impact on me that I will never wear out.
The time that I stayed in your class was short but I experienced a completely different teaching method which will always be a good memory for me.
Now I am preparing the new semister coming in the following week. I am sure there will chances for me to continue my study in Australia.  Thank you and see you.

Dear Janice. Hi, how are you? I’m Nori from Japan.
I got to my home safely on Monday night. Thank you for teaching me in 5 weeks. Your classes were so fun, and in fact I was always looking forward to joining in your classes. I’ve learned a lot from your teaching such as student-center classes and giving students a lot of opportunities to speak English. I also thought that a schedule in your classes was so nice too. Your classes improve every skill not only listening, speaking, reading, writing but also thinking about some issues deeply. I want to be a teacher like you. I hoped you culd sometimes tell me some tips or ideas about teaching.:-)

I am Nuria, I have finished three weeks of English study in your school. My experience has been very good. My daughters have been four weeks and will be for another week.
I studied English in six different countries and I must say that your school is the best I’ve ever been. I am a high school teacher in my country and I value your work.
My daughters have learned a lot. The teachers are very good. Laura is in the class of Brendan. A great teacher. Laura has managed to speak English and work hard every day.
Jamice professor Paula is a very energetic person and a great professional. And Jonh my teacher always has a kind word for each of their students and a great knowledge of the different cultures of their students.
Thank you very much to all.

Another testimonial for AICOL Gold Coast English School

Dear Jan,
Thank you for teaching me these three weeks. I’ve been learning a lot from you and also enjoying all the lessons we’ve been through. You’re such a great teacher, all of the comments that you made on politic, economy, religion, culture were so amazing that I will always keep them in my mind. It’s my pleasure to join your class, and worked with these lovely and kindly classmates. I love your style in teaching better than my teacher in Taiwan. You divided us into small groups everyday, so I had good opportunities to practice speaking English with different countries and personalities of people, we shared our ideas together and I always got great responses to any of the questions and problems; especially the business English impressed me the most, we argued on each other’s point of view; meanwhile I developed my critical thinking skills as well. Every Thursday, when finishing IELTS, I always felt frustrated, but the advantage is it made me realise which English levels I am, and what parts I have to study harder and improve more. It’s really a shame to stay in Australia for such a short period, but it’s definitely the best memory that I’ve ever experienced. Hope you won’t forget me! I’m Jessica. I’m from Taiwan.

Sui Kei AICOL testimonial
Kwang testimonial recommending AICOL study tours
Solene AICOL English school Testimonial

TESOL Testimonials

No. 1. “ I studied my Certificate IV in TESOL with the Australian Vietnam School of English, a partner of AICOL, in Saigon in August. It was one of the best decisions I have made. I am a career changer, in my middle 50’s, and the course gave me the confidence to strike out in a new direction. The course was very practical and concentrated on teaching me how to teach rather than what to teach. I discovered I really enjoyed teaching, and loved being in front of a class of attentive listeners. Now I am back in Australia I have had lots of job offers and am currently working 20 hours a week, 8.20 am to 1.10 pm which gives me a great work life balance, with the whole afternoon to myself. The work is challenging but fun and I don’t think I would have survived the first hectic weeks if I hadn’t had such a good grounding in how to prepare lessons and how to keep students motivated and engaged. I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of studying for their TESOL certificate overseas.”

Kind regards
Sally Edwards
Gold Coast
27 November 2013


No. 2

“I just wanted to email you to again say thank you for your support. Your TESOL program was invaluable to me and I am using many things that you taught me in class. I also appreciate you writing me a letter of reference for me and letting me use you as a reference. Due to your recommendation, I have received a formal offer from the university that I was applying to, and I intend on taking that position.
Again thank you for your guidance, leadership, and understanding. I will never forget in it.”